Our Vision stretches far beyond what is expected.  The LBDP should be the 1st and only choice for local as well as international companies when choosing a location for setting up their import and exporting business in SA.


  • SARS Customs & Excise (For all commercial clearing)
  • Customs Agents
  • SANRAL Weight Bridge
  • Filling Station
  • Lebombo Agri Petroleum
  • Truck Stop


The goal of the Lebombo Border Dry Port is to alleviate logistical constraints, streamline customs and immigration processes and to ensure further private sector investment in the Maputo Development Corridor.

Truck Stop

Lebombo Border Dry Port puts convenience at the centre of international trade crossing between South Africa and Mozambique on the busy Maputo Corridor. It also adds smooth and speedy efficiency to the process of clearing primary materials and finished products.

Ships deliver or collect the imports and exports at Port Maputo, a mere 90 kilometres from the landlocked frontier between the neighbouring states.


Located alongside the N4 highway, with safe and easy slip roads off and back onto the Maputo Corridor route, LBDP can accommodate more than 300 cargo-carrying trucks on dedicated, secure parking, encircled by electric fencing and 24 hour monitoring by experienced guards.

Within the inland port a community of freight forwarders and clearing agencies including big names such as Manica and Rohlig-Grindrod, operate alongside South African Customs, easing the movement of cross border trade.

The zone, developed on the former Komatipoort airport site, has benefited from some R5 million worth of investment by Lebombo Border Dry Port and offers a truck stop with 24 hour diesel supplies, weigh bridge, overnight accommodation with bathroom and shower facilities (for truck drivers, passengers and taxi driver) a restaurant, convenience store and mini warehousing.


Much of the procedure applied to clearing the goods bound for internal consumption or shipment overseas, can be undertaken at Lebombo Border Dry Port (LBDP), a 170-hectare secure zone close to the town of Komatipoort in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and just three kilometres from the border post.